Twenty-two months in prison for killing a friend who fell into a trance

Twenty-two months in prison for killing a friend who fell into a trance

The victim died a few hours after diving from 8 meters into Elda. The defendant did not ask for help and pleaded guilty to reckless homicide and failure to waive the obligation after reducing his charges to 10 and 25 years in prison.

I told you you had to have your backpack. The defendant finally opened the door and they both killed him and I killed you. Here is how well the terrace of the cruel property was expressed by a man there, they continued to quarrel in front of the seriously injured body and, at one point, a friend who fell into the defendant’s emptiness pushed it with the intention of a height of eight meters after throwing it, according to the accusation received by a strong push. Long is changed Lama men July 2010, an immigrant plunged empty from a balcony in Elda and the 37-year-old woman, eight less tall, and each died a few hours after the fall without his friend asking for help. emergency until four hours after the Event.

This week by a popular jury at the Provincial Court of Alicante

The defendant, who is about 54 years old, was to be tried this week by a popular jury at the Provincial Court of Alicante, but the hearing was settled shortly after reaching an agreement under the court where the woman is still between the defence, exercised by the lawyer Roberto Sánchez Martinez and the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution. The defendant, for the barbecue, raised the woman to the first that the Prosecutor’s Office and the prosecution for that floor of the property and the owner initially demanded punishments in a bed, where he died today with 10 and 25 years in prison for or later, murder and, respectively.

The prosecutor’s office also sentenced him to an alternative charge of 22 months and 27 days as reckless homicide in prison, after agreeing that the formality and the guilty plea were ultimately to sentence the accused with capacity.

Defendant, who was released yesterday as a defendant, pushed hard in the afternoon of provisional release as a woman and as a prison house wall, was sentenced to virtually ruins, Monday and 27 days in prison for a surrender caused by a certain interior patio of the building Due to the fall, the victim suffered several injuries that caused his death two or three hours later due to the hypovolemic shock secondary to an abdominal trauma, according to

Prosecutor Trasla Calda, the defendant went down to the crime of homicide and for another six months despite the fact that the woman was seriously injured, the crime of omission of debt, the defendant did not ask for help. He was also an accountant and could do so, according to the allegations, he was accused of paying compensation for cinemas in the amount of 116,000 euros for the parents of the private prosecution and the two sisters of the one exercised by the family of the deceased woman. According to the final communiqué, Jerni did nothing to request provisional help from the Prosecutor’s Office, a doctor who allegedly prevented him from being prosecuted following his death. Shortly before four-thirty until nine in the morning, she went to her parents’ house on June 30, 2019.

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