The jury only finds one of the three defendants guilty of the crime in El Campello

The jury only finds one of the three defendants guilty of the crime in El Campello

The court exonerates two defendants and says that the other did participate in the murder in Muchavista for having the weapon used to kill a man in his house.

Barely four hours have been enough for the popular jury that has prosecuted this week the shooting murder of Mario “the Frenchman” in September 2019 in El Campello to have issued a verdict. Of the three defendants, only one of them, the alleged Colombian hit man, has been found guilty, while the other two defendants have been found not guilty, considering that there is nothing to link them to the execution of the crime.

After the reading of the verdict late this Thursday morning at the Alicante Court, the Prosecutor’s Office has requested the presiding magistrate of the jury court, Juan Carlos Cerón, that the defendant Luis Francisco B. be imposed two sentences of 19 years and 10 months in prison for the murder and one year and six months for forgery for changing the license plate of the car used on the day of the crime, which was stolen in Madrid. His defense lawyer, Josep Carles Reig, has asked for his part to impose the minimum sentence of murder, 15 years in prison.

For the other two defendants exonerated by the popular jury, defended by the lawyers Roberto Sánchez Martínez and José Manuel Alamán Aragonés, the magistrate already told them in court that he would issue an acquittal.

The popular jury justified the guilty verdict of Luis Francisco B., by eight votes in favor of the nine members of the court, in that he had the murder weapon in his house in Madrid and his fingerprints were on the car used on the day of the crime . Although they do not have data to confirm that he was the material author of the two shots to the head that ended the life of 41-year-old Mario, the jury considers that this defendant had a direct participation in the events.

Two employees of a supermarket witnessed the execution of the man and several witnesses saw a red Mini fleeing from the place where a month later the Civil Guard found his fingerprints on a carton of juice and his DNA on the steering wheel of the car.

On the other hand, regarding the other two defendants, they estimate that “there is nothing that links them to the murder.” The jury spokesman stated that none of them was identified as the author by the witnesses or by Luis Francisco. There are also no biological remains that incriminate them and the mere fact of renting the chalet “does not imply anything.” Likewise, the jury indicated that the defendant who rented the villa for a week to the Colombian defendant and his brother was in a shopping center in Vistahermosa on the day of the events, according to a family member in the trial, and therefore could not commit the crime.

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