Release on bail for a man accused of setting fire to a night club in Alicante

Release on bail for a man accused of setting fire to a night club in Alicante

He is one of the three imprisoned for the Babylon fire and the Provincial Court has forbidden him to leave the country. The Provincial Court on Friday agreed to this provisional release on €15,000 bail for one of three people who are in prison accused of setting fire to the Babylonia nightclub in Alicante on January 23 for the purpose of insurance fraud.

In an order issued by the Xth Section, the court partially admits the appeal filed by the defense of the defendant, exercised by the lawyers Roberto Sánchez Martínez and Miguel Ángel Garijo, and in addition to establishing a guarantee of 15,000 euros considering the relevance of the facts, has fiscal presentations at every two weeks in court. He also revoked his passport and banned him from leaving the country.

The inmate, who will be free once he pays his bail to the court account, was arrested along with an employee of his hair salon, who was the alleged material author of the fire, and the owner of the nightclub, who was in debt.

The court considered that the person being investigated has “family and social roots” and there is no evidence that he could commit acts that hinder the investigation, which is why it considered it appropriate to grant him bail of 15,000 euros.

One involved in the run

The three involved were arrested by the Violent Crimes Group of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade of Alicante, and a former partner of the owner of the establishment is still unknown, who is still in prison, as is the man accused of setting fire to the sprayed petrol everywhere.

The discotheque had several floors in the same building intended for a hotel that functioned at the time as a hostess club and the Police linked the fire to the debts the owner had.

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