The Owner of an Elche Advisory Office is Absolved of Abusing a Minor in the State of Alarm

The Owner of an Elche Advisory Office is Absolved of Abusing a Minor in the State of Alarm

The Prosecutor’s Office asked that he be sentenced to 30 years in prison but the Court doubts the reality of the facts denounced by a 15-year-old girl.

Section 11 of the Provincial Court, based in Elche, has acquitted the owner of an Elche consultancy who was accused of sexually abusing a minor under 15 years of age on two occasions during the state of alarm for the covid. The defendant, defended by the lawyer Roberto Sánchez Martínez, was facing a request for a sentence of 30 years in prison that the Prosecutor’s Office made in the trial for two crimes of sexual abuse and two other crimes of corruption of minors.

The court of the Hearing indicates in the ruling that it has serious doubts about the reality of the facts denounced and therefore applies the principle of “in dubio pro reo” and acquits the defendant.

Drug problems

According to the facts proven in the sentence, between the months of May and June 2020, a minor under the age of 15 suffered a serious drug addiction and went out to the streets asking for money from the residents of the neighborhood, including the defendant now acquitted.

On June 4, 2020, the minor was admitted to the Els Reiets center in Alicante and she told the psychologist that she had suffered sexual abuse when she left her house to walk the dog. On many occasions by a beggar and on others by a man she knew from the neighborhood who offered her money.

The National Police was alerted to these facts and took a statement from the minor before arresting the owner of the consultancy. The minor assured that she paid her 20 and 30 euros the two times she entered the defendant’s counseling and was a victim of abuse. However, the Court indicates in the judgment that these denounced facts have not been proven. The court points out that the victim radically changed her version of the facts at trial.

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