Viviana, From One of The Most Wanted Fugitives to a Free Woman in Elche

Viviana, From One of The Most Wanted Fugitives to a Free Woman in Elche

Colombian Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutiérrez was included in 2022 on the ten most wanted fugitives lists published by Interpol, Europol and the National Police and after being arrested in Ecuador, where she hid in the jungle, she was extradited to Spain last year to be tried for the sexual exploitation of young compatriots in apartments in Elche. Now, since the end of last December, Viviana is on parole after the Court sentenced her to four years in prison and agreed in the same judgment to suspend the execution of the sentence for 4 years.

Suspend the execution

The accused, defended by lawyers Roberto Sánchez Martínez and Rebeca García Serna, was imprisoned in Spain from the end of March until December 21. From then on he can enjoy parole as long as he does not reoffend within the next four years and undergoes drug rehab during the same period.

The former fugitive, aged 38, was convicted, along with three other defendants, for a crime of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation combined with one of prostitution and for a crime against the rights of foreign citizens and illegal immigration, according to to the sentence pronounced by the VIIth Section of the Court, based in Elche.

The defense reached an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office to reduce the sentences of the defendants from 15 and 18 years in prison to four years and the court applied this sentence to them by applying the mitigating circumstances of drug addiction and restitution, since before the trial they paid 18,000 of euros compensation to a witness protected from moral damages.

It is the testimony of this witness that served to support the conviction of Viviana and three other people, all originally from Colombia, a country where they recruited victims of sexual exploitation.

According to the facts proven in the sentence, Viviana co-directed, together with another of the accused, a criminal organization that between 2019 and 2021 dedicated itself to the sexual exploitation in apartments in Elche of women in need that they recruited in Colombia.

A victim of the plot who declared herself a protected witness had already taken up prostitution in her country where her three brothers were killed and was blackmailed to pay off a debt one of them had for a drug problem. Dedicated to prostitution to support her daughter and her mother, the witness received a call in November 2019 from an acquaintance of hers in Colombia, who offered to contact Viviana. He told her he would help her enter Europe to practice prostitution and “relieve her need”. She accepted, given the dramatic situation she is in, and Viviana offered her illegal entry into Spain in exchange for 1,500 euros, money she would have to pay back by working as a prostitute in a brothel.

Another unidentified member of the organization contacted the woman in Pereira, Colombia, and gave her hotel reservations in Madrid and Paris and work documentation to simulate a work trip. At the Colombian airport in Pereira, they gave her 1,000 euros to prove at the border that she had financial means and after arriving in Madrid in mid-November 2019, she was transferred by car to Elche.

Prostitute as soon as she arrived in Elche trip, they took the thousand euros they gave him, and two hours after he arrived at the brothel, where he shared a room with a compatriot, he already had to do his first prostitution. service. Two days later, Viviana informed him that the debt of 1,500 euros had become 3,000 due to the price of plane tickets, as indicated in the judgment.

The protected witness had to practice prostitution in “abusive conditions” from 14 November 2019 until early March 2020, when he was told he had already paid his “debt”.

The decision shows that the witness did not receive any money for his services. Viviana kept everything and was also required by the defendants to be available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, at all hours. They could only go out for an hour a day, but if a customer called, they had to come back. Likewise, Viviana deducted money and increased the debt to the witness when she refused to respond to the requests of customers who requested anal sex or fellatio without a condom.

The lot were using several apartments in Elche as a brothel, and they had to move out of one due to neighborhood protests.

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