A network swindled 3 million by cloning SIM cards with a DNI with the photo of the Infanta Cristina. The alleged swindler is an Italian citizen linked to activities of the Neapolitan Camorra in Alicante 04.30.2020.

A suspected member of a gang based in Benidorm that defrauded more than a hundred bank customers and took more than three million euros from their accounts after obtaining their keys and cloning the SIM cards of their mobile phones, left the Fontcalent prison last Friday after paying a deposit of 50,000 euros. The network of scam artists, who operated in several provinces, even used the photo of the Infanta Cristina to falsify a DNI with which they obtained a duplicate of SIM to consummate one of the scams, according to the investigation conducted by the court of Instruction number 9 of Alicante, where BBVA and Telefónica have already appeared in the case as injured parties.

The alleged swindler, an Italian citizen who according to police reports was linked to activities of the Neapolitan Camorra, had been in prison since his arrest in late January and his defense attorney, Roberto Sánchez Martínez, requested his release from the court where the cause, in which there are more than a hundred victims and complaints continue to arrive from different provinces.

The magistrate agreed last week to keep her situation of provisional prison but avoidable if she paid a deposit of 50,000 euros, as she did. He has been banned from leaving the country and must appear weekly in the Alicante court. The now released man was arrested at the end of last January in an operation of the National Police and the Civil Guard with five arrests.

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