At the already existing Audiencia Nacional de la fugitivo montenegrino tras ser detenido por la Policía. He was arrested by a participant in an assault and a salon de juegos en el que murió a jugador de baloncesto de un tiro.

It is the central office of Instruction No 5 of the Audiencia Nacional, which functions as a guardian, and provides for the temporary release of a fugitive origin of the Montenegrin investigated by Policía Nacional in La Vila Joiosa, which has been reclaimed by the author of the proceedings an attack of a salon tip casino en 2011 en el final de l’équipement de la Baloncesto de 24 años, Ljubo Jovanovic.

The release was accorded by the National Court after the performance of the videoconference of the courts of Benalúa in Alicante. The detainee, of 34 years, was assisted by the lawyer Roberto Sánchez and denied before magistrate José de la Mata his participation in the mortal attraction. The arrested alleged that at the time of the assault he did not find in Montenegro, but in Spain.

Although the arrested has been released, at the National Court has withdrawn his passport, that the prohibition to leave the country and has imposed a weekly company during the process to process the extradition requested by Montenegro.

On the basis of the liberation of the fugitive, an apnea was born in the village of La Vila Joiosa in the Violent Crime Group of the Provincial Brigade of the Police of Alicante. The suspect was located by the National Police a few months after being captured in Montenegro the second person accused of participating in the raid and of being the author of the shot that killed the young athlete.


In the case of international detention centres with a view to the extradition of children, the habitual residence of a young adult born on 30 June 2011 is precisely the same as that of the is looking and a maximum of the average age of the birth of the divorce y frauds

According to the claim of the Montenegrin authorities, there was an assault on a games room in the city of Cetinje. Two people participated and according to the claim the fugitive captured in La Vila gave coverage to an accomplice who came armed with a 7.65mm calibre pistol. Both left their vehicle parked near the recreational games room and the armed robber hooded inside the establishment while his accomplice watched the door.

The assailant who carried the gun threatened an employee while shouting “Money, money!” And after beating him demanded the keys to the safe. The victim told him that he did not have them and since he still demanded money he gave him 350 euros in the box. Then the assailant began the escape to the exit door and fired once, shot that reached the young basketball player.

The gunman and his accomplice fled the games room and fled in the car parked near the place, vehicle that was driven by the arrested in La Vila Joiosa.

The robbery occurred around ten thirty in the night and the murdered athlete was one of the customers who were surprised. Jovanovic was in that city on the occasion of a concentration in Montenegro and went into the room to take shelter from the rain, according to a Montenegrin media recently published after the arrest of the alleged material author of the shot that killed the basketball player.

The police came to offer a reward of 20,000 euros to whoever provided information to clarify the crime.



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