Arrested for the theft of a Rolex of 14,000 euros in Benidorm by the dribbling method. Those involved simulated a dribble to distract the victim walking around the city, snatch his watch, and run away.

The investigation has been carried out at the Benidorm Police Station. Agents of the National Police have arrested a man of Tunisian nationality in the town of Benidorm for allegedly stealing a high-end watch from a person who was misled using the dribbling or “Ronaldinho” method, the Provincial Police Station has reported. Those involved would be part of an itinerant gang dedicated to stealing carelessly in tourist areas, taking advantage of carelessness of the victims. To date, one of the most frequent blows was the affectionate hug, but new methods are already being detected by these groups to try to obtain great loot.

Specifically in this case, the victim, a tourist who was returning to his hotel, was walking down a street near the Rincón de Loix in the city of Benidorm when two people approached him and, pretending to be somewhat drunk, tried to start a football argument with him. while they hugged him and simulated a dribble, using this ruse to grab his wrist and steal a Rolex watch valued at more than 13,000 euros. After this operation, both perpetrators ran away from the scene, at which point the victim realized what had happened and that he was no longer wearing the watch on his wrist.

The agents of Group V of the Brigade of the Judicial Police of the National Police Station in Benidorm took a statement from the victim and managed to identify one of the alleged perpetrators, who, apparently, was a person with several police records for similar facts and that he was part of a traveling group specialized in committing criminal offenses of this type.

Once identified, the police joined their efforts to locate the alleged perpetrator, finally managing to find and arrest him three days after the theft occurred. The second involved could not be located after he fled.

From the Benidorm National Police Station it was stressed that prevention and information work is carried out for all tourists so that they can enjoy their rest period in total safety. That is why they emphasize that citizens must be aware of security and take self-protection measures to avoid being a victim of this type of crime. Belongings should be watched especially on the beach and in shopping and nightlife areas, not losing sight of valuables, keeping your distance, watching if someone gets too close to you. “Security is everyone’s task, so you should not hesitate to notify the Police and call 091 in any situation of this type,” they indicated.

Bikers steal a Rolex watch in one fell swoop

The 29-year-old detainee was placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court of the same town, assisted by the lawyer Roberto Sánchez, where he was released on bail. The watch could not be recovered.

Normally to commit this type of theft, those involved always go in search of high-end watches that they can snatch from their owners in a moment of carelessness. These gangs operate in areas of high tourist influx and usually choose elderly people to commit their robberies, whom they consider easier prey. In the case of being discovered, they do not usually hesitate to use violence against their victims and resort to pulling to finish taking their belongings.

The Court confirms convictions for violent robberies with affectionate hugs

The Court of Alicante is confirming prison sentences for crimes of robbery violence in blows where the affectionate hug technique was used. A court confirmed last May a fifteen-month prison sentence for a woman who stole a gold bracelet from an octogenarian on July 12, 2018. The defendant tried to rip it off by force through a pull at the time in which it was discovered. The defendant approached the victim while she was on the Altea promenade and tried to kiss and hug her. The woman realized that they were trying to rob her and had a struggle with her assailant so that they would not remove her bracelet, valued at 762 euros. During this confrontation, the victim was injured with bruises and she also suffered anxiety, a fact that the Court assessed to condemn.


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