A court exonerates three Calp Civil Guards from collaborating with a drug trafficking network. They file the proceedings against the agents and maintain the accusation of 17 people from the group that kidnapped two of its members. Three civil guards from Calp of collaborating with a drug trafficking network were kidnapped by the people of Malaga because of the alleged robbery, which was uncertain.

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In one of the conversations between members of the group, one of them even stated that a civil guard had demanded the payment of forty fifty thousand euros in exchange for proving that the drug stash they were claiming from the Costa del Sol had been there.

They file the proceedings against the agents and maintain the accusation of 17 people from the group that kidnapped two of its members

A Dénia court that investigates a network of drug traffickers with ramifications on the Costa del Sol and in the Marina Alta has agreed to the provisional dismissal of the proceedings open to three Calp civil guards for their alleged collaboration with the organization dismantled by the Meritorious. The judge in the case understands that the proceedings do not show that the agents committed a crime.

The Organized Crime And Anti-drug Team (EDOA) of the Civil Guard of Alicante identified the suspect, an agent stationed in Calp but who has more than one hand off, and detained him, took a statement and released him. Two more civil guards were charged, by the judge of the case, the file of the proceedings was resolved after the statements made by the three investigated in court and a comprehensive report sent by the EDOA to the court.

The investigation remains open for 19 members of the nar trafficking network, two of whom are in rebellion. Another thirteen are admitted to preventive detention, although the Alicante Provincial Court has agreed a week to freedom after paying bails of 25,000 and 15,000 euros for two of them, defended by the lawyer Alicia Grau Córdoba and by the lawyer Roberto Sánchez Martínez According to the Civil Guard these two involved are part of the hard core of the organization’s leadership.

As this newspaper published in early July, one of these civil guards now exonerated testified before the judge as an under investigation for an alleged payment of money to people by one of the 18 detainees in the operation.

The organization, with a branch based on the Costa del Sol and the other the Marina Alta, even kidnapped two of its members, believing that the Alicante group had stolen thirteen bundles with 351 kilos of hashish that they had transported from the Costa del Sol to the province of Alicante for storage La Droga, however, was intervened by the Local Police of Benissa in a van parked in the Pedrera polygon after a call warning of a robbery.

The telephone interventions of the investigation initiated by the Civil Guard of Calp under the supervision of the Court of Instruction number 1 of Dénia reveal that two members of the Alicante group

The Network sent drugs to Morocco and used the Marina Alta as a storage point during transport, in addition to selling drugs in Gata de Gorgos, Teulada-Moraira and Calp.

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