We present some of the cases of lawyer Roberto Sánchez from official sources. Tell the judge who was driving the deceased’s car because he was paid to take him to Lithuania | The other involved, imprisoned in France for drug trafficking, says that some unknown people went to steal marijuana.

The Court of Instruction Number 1 of Cartagena has agreed this week to release provisionally on bail of two thousand euros a neighbour of Torrevieja (Alicante) imprisoned at the beginning of March for his alleged involvement in the crime of a Lithuanian citizen whose body tortured and mutilated appeared on February 6 on the porch of a house in Los Castillejos, in Cartagena.

In addition to the man released this week (a man of the same nationality as the victim, who has been assisted by the Spanish lawyer Roberto Sánchez Martínez), in France remains imprisoned others allegedly involved in the macabre crime, a citizen of Lithuania who rented the house where the corpse appeared beaten and with several mutilated fingers of the hand.

The latter blames the crime on some unknown and has stated that they went to the home to steal marijuana. The Civil Guard continues investigating the homicide in search of more involved, but what they seem to be clear is that the death is related to an adjustment of account for drug trafficking. In the house in Cartagena where the body was found, the Civil Guard found an indoor ‘marijuana plantation that had already been collected. The victim of the crime is a citizen of Lithuania with a criminal record in Romania for illegal possession of weapons.

Three days after discovering the body of the tortured man, the neighbour of Torrevieja was arrested on the border with France when he was travelling in a rental car at the Barajas airport for the victim of the crime. In another car inspected at the same time on the border, the person who had rented the house in Cartagena was travelling and in his vehicle, they located more than seven kilograms of marijuana.

The Civil Guard was notified of both arrests from the border post and while the neighbour of Torrevieja was released the other driver was imprisoned for drug trafficking. Subsequently, the Lithuanian resident in the municipality was arrested in the Vega Baja (Alicante) at the beginning of March and the judge of Cartagena agreed to his entry into prison for the crimes of homicide and drug trafficking.

Before being released, this researcher, who had no prior background to this case, testified in the court of Cartagena and explained that he has a workshop in Torrevieja and offered to take a car to Lithuania in exchange for 800 euros, as explained to This newspaper sources close to the investigation.

The car turned out to be of the murdered man, whom he claims not to know. He also indicated that on the day that the car was taken to Lithuania, another man appeared with a second vehicle that was the tenant of the house in Cartagena. They explained that they should travel together because the other person was carrying false documents and had to go as a shuttle to warn them of any police control. This researcher has not identified the person who claims that he took the deceased’s car.

The released man denies any connection with the crime, while the tenant who is imprisoned in France has declared that he was only the guard of the marijuana plantation that was in the house of Cartagena and that the owner of the said crop is another Lithuanian citizen who is in prison in Lithuania since last December 31 for other events.

According to the version of the incarcerated in France, the victim of the crime would be a person sent from Lithuania by the owner of the plantation and was killed by several people who went to the house in Cartagena with the intention of stealing the marijuana and money.

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