Judge fixes € 50,000 Career in Benidorm Disaster Care Case Where Death Caused Officer of a Benidorm discotheque, accused of a client’s death, may be released from prison if he pays a 50,000-euro deposit, according to the court sources confirmed in this newspaper.

The measure was proposed by defence, lawyer Roberto Sanchez, a week after the accused was admitted to prison. The judge agreed to bail to understand that there is no risk of escape, although the prosecutor’s office was opposed, as the facts could constitute a crime of murder.

The events took place two weeks ago at the Hipodromo disco in Benidorm, where the goalkeeper evicted a customer. According to him, the man was expelled from the village because he robbed and had other altercations on the same night with the staff of the headquarters.

Porter says that once in the street the man tried to attack him, so he escaped by a blow. In the fall, he suffered a serious blow to the head for which he died a day later, which led to his arrest.

Source: https://www.diarioinformacion.com/benidorm/2011/05/31/juez-fija-50000-euros-fianza-portero-discoteca-acusado-muerte-cliente/1133043.html

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