A Lithuanian citizen withes. University students and without antecedents until his arrest last August in Alicante, he has been released by the National Government after spending two months in prison as if he were a fugitive from Latvia who was claimed in Moldova for fraud of more than 450,000 euros.

He was not the scammer who was wanted to be extradited to Moldova, but that identity was the one he used to stay in a hotel on the beach of San Juan where he was arrested by the National Police and the docu- – actual mentoring that you showed to agents.

He was imprisoned under the name of the Latvian Vladislav N. and his defence lawyer, Roberto Sanchez Martinez, claimed his client’s release by appealing to the identity error. The provisional National Court on October 9. After Interpol reported that the person detained in Alicante and imprisoned since the beginning of last August was actually a citizen of Lithuanian nationality, as the detainee maintained from the beginning

Only the man now released from prison uploads the real reasons for acquiring the forged documentation that he used to drive and stay in a hotel in Alicante, where he had been two or three days after arriving at the El Altet airport from his country of origin and with his real passport. What he probably did not know is that the Identity that appeared in the documentation was that of a citizen of Latvia who faces a sentence of 15 years in prison for defrauding more than 450,000 dollars in Moldova, a country that issued in 2013 an international order agreed release him from extradition. In an order of the central investigating court number 3, dated October 9, Magistrate Maria Tardón indicates that Interpol has communicated that, through a fingerprint review, the person imprisoned on behalf of a 44-year-old fugitive from Latvia It could only be identified as a male of Lithuanian nationality.

For this reason, the magistrate of the National Court specifies that Interpol informed the judge that the imprisoned person is from Lithuania, not from Latvia, as the fraudster proceeds to release this person provisionally, although it imposes some precautionary measures, including the prohibition departure from Spain and delivery of your passport.

File Request

Central Court of Instruction number 3 is now awaiting a new report from Interpol on the fugitive that Moldova claims and the lawyer Roberto Sánchez will request the file of the extradition of his client after confirming that he was imprisoned by mistake, it is a different person which the Police believed.

The Alicante National Police reported last August the arrest of the now incarcerated man and said that when the agents went to arrest him in a hotel on the beach of San Juan, he identified himself with documentation that did not correspond to his so that he would not be identified with the identity you were looking for. Seeing that the agents required his true documentation, the National Police assures that he tried to flee attacking the agents, who reduced him

After the arrest, the extradition process was launched and the detainee was placed at the disposal of the central investigating court of the National High Court on guard duty. It seems that no one understood the explanations of the arrested man, who was not supposed to be Vladislav and entered prison.

He had stayed under that name in the Alicante hotel and all indications pointed to the fact that the Lithuanian documentation he showed the agents were false. It was the opposite and now an error has been corrected after spending two months behind bars. Citizen Tuano is once again free.

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