The drug was seized in Teulada and led to the arrest in the Marina Alta and on the Costa del Sol of 18 people from an international drug trafficking organization. One of the hostages was held for 20 days and demanded a ransom of 300,000 euros.

The Civil Guard and the National Police have arrested 10 people dismantling dangerous organization- Civil Police A statement. Another site that the dependencies of the Civil Guard. This person was released two days later with semi-automatic weapons. During the investigation, the investigation began in the province of Alicante in the middle of the cas, which were seized in the records and the leaders had people who could check the tension.

Listent between both reasons of Almería last April, in full criminalization of traffic inter-state alarm. The national hashish investigators with two mesos branches contacted assassins and had knowledge of the posi- with all types of criminals sitting in the Marina Alta a ble existence in the province of Costa del Sol. The Malaga mother network dedicated to drug trafficking allegedly They came to kidnap s and the first investigations, led by the Civil Guard Morocco France. Two of its members, belonging to the Alicante branch, approached by the Roca Team of the Calp Civil Guard focused.


In the province of Alicante you will find more. The ringleaders, settled in Malaga, suspect that the Alicante branch could have made them do a drug dump -the alleged contraband had settled the other ram, robbing the hashish chickens, so they did not hesitate to kidnap specifically in Gate Gorgos, sehahianaproprising 400 kilos in the Marina Alta and Baja where Teulada, Moraira and Calp re. one of the members settled in hashish, a drug that some of the investigated brosse ch had actually loaded from the warehouse that had been intervened by the initial police. Later they discovered that the hashish they receive from Calpe Teulada-Moraira in a future- that were related to Perl Ama Malagueta and from their onet post Ayesta Bajo na Investiga on the Costa del Sol, transport to France. One of the kidnapped persons was held for more than twenty days and the Marina region when he moved to the Costa del Sol and held for more than twenty days in prison.

At the beginning of June, the 20 implicated were arrested and 12 entered prison. Several detainees were assisted by lawyers Francis co Miguel Galinna, Alicia and Roberto Sánchez. Eight simultaneous registrations were carried out in the province of Alicante and two in the province of Mila in order to guarantee payment for any operative pair.

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