The Civil Guard has dismantled a highly professional network in the cultivation and production of marijuana in the province of Alicante. The group had drones and security cameras for aerial surveillance of the plantations that were distributed in different parts of the province.

In some of these buildings, they had motion sensors installed against possible intrusions. The operation has been coordinated by the Court of Instruction number five of Alicante and until yesterday the proceedings were declared secret. Some of the detainees of British nationality were listed as “armed and dangerous” in the databases of the authorities of their country.

The operation has resulted in a total of fifteen detainees and about 5,000 marijuana plants intervened after ten searches, seven of them simultaneously, in the towns of Sant Joan, Mutxamel, Teulada, Xàbia, Altea, Alicante and Murcia. The drug was distributed both in the province as in Murcia, the Balearic Islands and the United Kingdom.

A cannabis club in Alicante was supplied with the drug grown by this network. The investigations began last March in a state of alarm by the Investigation area of ​​the Sant Joan Civil Guard, upon having evidence of a possible drug plantation in the area. The investigations revealed the existence of a broader organization. In the first phase, three people of Lithuanian nationality were arrested and entered prison after three searches in homes on the beach of San Juan, Mutxamel and a club of cannabis smokers in Alicante.

The three entered prison but one of them, assisted by lawyers Roberto Sánchez and Sara Cabezas, was released yesterday after paying a bail of 4,000 euros. The second phase has been done this week with the practice of seven simultaneous searches with twelve detainees of British nationality. In three of them, high-yield indoor plantations were located in Mutxamel, Xàbia and Murcia.

The other records have been made in Teulada and Altea. In total, 4,415 marijuana plants, nine kilos of buds, 1.3 kilos of hashish, 268 ecstasy pills, 4.5 grams of cocaine, about 9,000 euros in cash, seven high-end cars, a quad, have been intervened. two motorcycles, three vacuum packers, a banknote counting machine, 16 air conditioners, hundreds of lights, transformers, lamps and other tools for growing and handling drugs. Five of those arrested have entered prison. Among those arrested is the alleged leader of the organization, based in Teulada, as well as his lieutenant and henchman, who lived in Mutxamel.

The drugs sent to the United Reno was camouflaged in postal packages hidden between dolls. On the other hand, the National Police of Benidorm has arrested three people after dismantling two plantations in the towns
from Altea la Vella and La Nucía in two different operations.
The first of the interventions were carried out in La Nucía when Group I of the Judicial Police of the Benidorm Police Station was alerted to a manipulation of the electricity supply in a home. The agents verified a continuous stench of marijuana coming from the house of which neighbours complained, as well as the constant noise of fans. After setting up surveillance, they identified a British couple as responsible for the plantation.

The man tried to flee when he detected the police presence. 600 plants were intervened in the house.
The second plantation was located in a semi-dilapidated house on a plot in Altea La Vella. The agents surprised a 50-year-old man when he was about to enter the house where the drugs were. In total there were 50 growing plants. On the left, an agent checking the banknote counting machine that has been intervened in the registers. On the right, another guard checks the gang’s surveillance systems. A network that used drones and cameras to monitor marijuana plantations falls The Civil Guard detains fifteen people after ten searches in Alicante, Sant Joan, Mutxamel, Teulada, Xàbia, Altea and Murcia u Part of the drug was sent by mail in packages to the United Kingdom camouflaged between dolls.

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