The Provincial Court and a court in Alicante have agreed to set bail of 50,000 and 60,000 euros for two of those accused in the plot dismantled last May for alleged tax fraud of 14 million euros through the smuggling of tobacco, alcohol and hydrocarbons.

One of the defendants, an Italian national, will be able to avoid pre-trial detention if he pays bail of 50,000 euros.

One of the two defendants who will be able to avoid preventive detention if he pays bail of 50,000 euros is an Italian citizen whose imprisonment was appealed by the lawyer Roberto Sánchez Martínez.

The other implicated is a Cypriot businessman arrested in May in Vigo, for whom an Alicante judge ratified yesterday the avoidable preventive detention measure by paying a bail of 60,000 euros, sources from the prosecution informed Efe. This businessman was arrested after intercepting in Vigo a trailer loaded with some 600,000 cigarette packs from a former Greek state tobacco factory, merchandise for which the tariffs had not been paid.

The alleged fraud is investigated by the Court of Instruction number 9 of Alicante, although the Prosecutor’s Office has requested the transfer of the case to a central court of Instruction, understanding that the investigation of this alleged international smuggling plot is the responsibility of the National Court.


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