The popular jury that accuses the accused of stabbing his ex-wife in Elche on July 13, 2019 will meet on Friday, at the Alicante Court, to pronounce his verdict.

The prosecutor’s office and the lawyer of the private prosecution, Aquilina Pérez, yesterday confirmed his request for 25 years in prison for the crime, with aggravating circumstances of kinship and sex and 150,000 euros in compensation for children, so they insisted before the popular court by that it was a sexist crime: “For me or for no one.”

Defence attorney Roberto Sánchez Martínez has filed a 16-year prison sentence, saying his sentence should be reduced for confession and damages by paying all the defendant he had: 34,963 euros, of which 20,000 have already been released. an account of one of his sons after the murder. The defence did not oppose the application of the aggravation of gender, despite the fact that the defendant said that in the process he was not sexist with his wife.

The prosecutor in the case, Emilio Hernández, defended in his report that it was a sexist crime and that is why the accused deserves “more punishment”. He recalled that the first thing Maisu did after the breakup was “to cut her hair, a gesture of freedom” and pointed out that twelve hours after seeing her with another man, he killed her. “What a better gesture of domination,” he said.

Both the prosecutor and the private prosecution opposed the reduction of the sentence for mitigating compensation. “A life is not economically measured, think of your family,” said Aquilina Pérez. The defendant stated at the end of the hearing that he was “sorry” and apologized to his children, present in the courtroom.



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