The operation has been carried out in the Alicante towns of Alfaz del Pi, Polop, La Nucía and Denia.

The Civil Guard within the framework of the “Chonko” operation, has detained 5 men and 3 women, all of Lithuanian nationality, members of a criminal organization based in the Spanish Levante, dedicated to drug trafficking, vehicle theft, fraud of electric fluid and falsification of public document. In addition, the head of the organization had a European Arrest and Delivery Order (OEDE) from his country of origin.

The operation has been carried out in the Alicante towns of Albir-Alfaz del Pi, Polop, La Nucía and Denia, and two recovered high-end vehicles have been seized (valued at a total of 240,000 euros), another 3 vehicles most used by the gang, 1 van, 2 motorcycles, 1 jet ski, 1 trailer, 72,060 euros in cash, forged documents, computer equipment and state-of-the-art telephony. The detainees have been assisted by lawyers Roberto Sánchez Martínez and Francisco Miguel Galiana Botella.

249 marijuana plants, 42 kg of packaged marijuana and 100 grams of hashish have been intervened, all with an approximate value in the illicit market of more than 74,000 euros. The operation began when agents of the Civil Guard in a routine control identified one of the members of this organization who used a false passport. Given the suspicions that this generated to the agents, their house was searched, a luxury villa located in Albir-Alfaz del Pi (Alicante), two other people who were in it were arrested and two vehicles were recovered from high-end stolen in Europe, valued at 150,000 and 90,000 euros respectively, tools for die-cutting vehicles and 25 kilograms of marijuana vacuum-packed hidden in a duck, under the artificial grass in the garden.

Highly Hierarchical Organization

The analysis of the documentation found in this house, allowed obtaining information about this criminal organization in the case of a highly specialized group in the preparation, collection and distribution of marijuana, by Spain and by Europe, whose economic benefits were sent to their country of origin: Lithuania.
In command was the “boss”, a fugitive from the justice of his country, obsessed with his security and self-protection measures, who exercised his power throughout the Spanish Levante, under an iron and disciplined mandate with respect to his subordinates. He attributed to each member a role: figurehead, in charge of setting up the plantation or taking care of it. If you want to see the video The Civil Guard dismantles a criminal organization in the province Video Click Here

Among the security measures adopted by the alleged ringleader was to always be accompanied by a bodyguard who was an expert mixed martial arts fighter known at a European level, and the house was equipped with a complex system of video cameras and dogs for dangerous breed.
The operation has been coordinated by the Investigating Court No. 4 in Benidorm, and carried out by agents from the Investigation Area of ​​the Civil Guard of Altea and the Information Group of the Alicante Command; They have also had the support of agents from the Information Headquarters (UCE-3), the Reserve and Security Group No. 3 in Valencia and the Citizen Security Unit (USECIA) of the Calpe Civil Guard Company.


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