Investigators detained three people at various stages, including a Colombian man who killed the victim with two shots to the head, a 41-year-old Spaniard who was being investigated as a member of an organized gang at the time of the murder, and drug theft from traffickers. Civil Day Star considered this crime an estimate from the beginning.

The alleged perpetrator of the shootings is a Colombian citizen who was identified by the Civil Guard and located in a prison in Catalonia, where he was imprisoned after being arrested for another crime, apparently violently robbed. He was arrested in December last year, and the investigation continues to drop the rest of those involved. A Colombian euro citizen was also identified for his involvement in the crime, but fled to his country after the murder and was arrested in Colombia, where he is awaiting further treatment in Spain.

The Civil Guard is investigating the crime scene, with the victim’s body covered. held in Mutxamel in June last year and charged by the Civil Guard with murder, Estaper Sena was released on charges of violating a court order in Alicante, where he was assisted by lawyer Roberto Sanchez Martinez.

This is the third person arrested, the man being a Spanish citizen who had rented the house where the assassins lived and where the execution of the crime was planned. In its defence, the court claimed that it sublet the house of a third person and that the criminal gang. Investigators from the Sant Joan d’Alacant Civil Guard’s judicial police team successfully completed a complex investigation, as they initially had data provided by witnesses, who initially said the perpetrators appeared to be from the Maghreb.

Traces of the car used by the two authors provided by witnesses allowed the vehicle to go crazy days later in a parking lot in Sant Joan. It was not the colour indicated by witnesses, but agents detected that it was repainted. Probably, the visual inspection of this tourism provided conclusive data to identify the perpetrators of the crime.

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